close up shot of a butterfly


Ecological Gardening Consultation – I meet with you at your property and offer observations and advise on gardening ecologically on your property. This may include plant selection ideas for a particular location or suggestions for a particular garden style that may do well in an area.

Ecological Landscape Design – After an initial consultation I create a landscape design specific to your property. This may be installed by Sovereignty Gardens or another business.

Garden Design Installation – The ecological landscape design provided is installed on your property. This may include creation of garden beds and installation of plants grown by Sovereignty Gardens.

Wildlife Garden – There is a focus on providing foraging and nesting resources for wildlife such as insects and birds.

Food Garden – Anything from a tomato plant in a pot to a large vegetable garden!

Medicine Garden – A medicine garden can include plants such as mint, nettle, and/or calendula.

Garden Maintenance – Whether we planted your garden or not we can help you maintain it throughout the season. Spring/Fall garden clean-ups, weekly, biweekly, monthly maintenance available.